Shanghai Bojin Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd is a large medical technology company that strives to make healthcare better. The enterprise was established in 1993, specializing in the development, production and worldwide distribution of orthopaedic products.
                                                                        · High performance power tools for all surgical procedures · Disposable products (saw blades, drill bits, reamers, burs)
                                                                        · External fixation devices
                                                                        · Fluoroscope
                                                                        Experienced export and domestic sales teams can provide you high level of product knowledge.
                                                                        Servicing departments are present both in China and abroad, for swiftly technical assistance.
                                                                        Bojin R&D department is continuously at work to produce first class, cost effective devices to respond directly to our client’s needs.
                                                                        Please get in contact with us to become partners.

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